Avalon Wellness

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Read  what our clients have to say about Avalon Wellness:

       Martine is an amazing healer. She knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable, pain free, and completely relaxed.  I am also a Reiki                    Master and have treatments by many different healers, but Martine is definitely special and gifted. I always leave feeling amazing, rejuvenated,

         and at peace.  I highly recommend Martine and Avalon Wellness!

                 ~Andrea M.

        Martine is an amazing individual.  She truly believes in her healing work.  She has helped my entire family in ways others could not and                       continues to do so.  I am so grateful for having met Martine, she is a definite gem!  Do not hesitate to see her, her healing energy is absolutely           wonderful!!!

               ~Sharalyn S.

         Wonderful experience......Every time!

          Very relaxing, refreshing and nurturing experience. Connecting with the Higher Self is delicious.  It brings me insights and Love from Source.

          Thank you!!

               ~Audrey C.


        Had a wonderful experience.  Avalon Wellness is a serene place from the moment you walk in the door.  The sound healing and Reiki were                simply wonderful and took away my week long headache!!   

           ~ Amy Martinez   


When your body needs some TLC, or some "ironing" you go to a spa. You come out refreshed, feeling better. But when you are also in need of an "inner tune-up", REIKI is the solution. It takes care of body AND soul. Following this advice, I put myself in the hands of Martine without knowing really what to expect. To my surprise and amazement, after working her magic with touch and sounds in a quiet, soothing environment I came out of the first session feeling like my soul had just taken a relaxing bath. Balancing my chakras to improve the flow of energy through my body, healing some liver "tinglings", helping cope with a recent surgery, and even on the emotional side helping me cope with a recent loss. Reiki also lead me to love myself a little more. Everyone should try Reiki, and particularly in the hands of Martine Wilson.
            ~ M. Olivera

          Martine Wilson is phenomenal at what she does.  She is extremely passionate about all things holistic.  I have received an array of services 
          from  Martine, including Reiki, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, as well as Nutritional assessment and guidance.                     
          Martine has the ability to put you at ease with her gentle nature.  She listens, applies her knowledge and wisdom to your situation.  She has
          helped me through difficult emotional, nutritional and physical issues.   I would recommend Martine to anyone who is seeking any type of
          holistic healing or nutritional assistance.
          ~ J.Smith

          Wonderful healing session.....more relaxing than a                                                                                                                                                                 spa treatment.  Amazing!                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Vhey B.